“I never write reviews but this time I had to. I am so amazed by this MAGIC cream. My boyfriend struggles with really bad eczema, that actually gets worse with anxiety. During this pandemic his skin has been the worst I have ever seen it with huge raised red, burning and itchy patches that he constantly scratches. We tried all the cream options out there, natural and chemical, and NOTHING worked like Mojo Magic cream. We swear by it and will use it for as long as it is around. Thank you for making this product.”

Jade Howell

Cape Town, August 2020

“I asked Mau to tell you this but I think he forgot to – but I wanted to tell you that we have been using Mojo Magic Cream on Tzephyra’s skin from about when she was 1 month old.  We have used it for her mild cradle cap. We have used it for her first eina – a tiny hook from a bramble berry thorn while on a walk through the bush.  We also have been using it on her mozzie bites. I feel like it helps with the itch and the irritation.  There is a visible difference in terms of where we apply the cream on bites etc and where we dont. It’s worked out so well for her that I have been recommending it as a baby bum cream as well to other friends of  mine with little ones.    Anyway I just thought I’d let you know that.”

Candice Austin

Richards Bay, February 2018

“I have to tell you that your awesome Lipbalm was my saving grace this winter. I swear nothing else worked on my dry, chapped, salt and humidity loving lips other than your stellar lipbalm. I couldnt do anything without coating my lips in a thick layer of it. Your balm was the only one that made any kind of difference. From the moment I put it on – I swear I could feel it penetrating the dry chapped skin, I even started rubbing it on my cheeks and nose which were also going super dry. What an awesome product you have there!”
Candice Austen

Richards Bay, July 2014

“I LOVE your cream!!! I have had problem skin (extremely sensitive and red) and I have been using your cream on my face (and all over really) for a month now and my skin is amazing. The red has gone and it feels really good, smooth and soft. I could probably write a full page on how much I love your cream. I have extremely sensitive skin, I react to everything, can only use certain shampoo and soap and even then, after a while I react to it so have to find something new. Your cream seems to keep these reactions at bay and I am so much happier. And even my partner comments on how soft my skin is when he touches me 🙂 Thank you so much, your cream really has done wonders for my skin!!”

Primula House, La Lucia, July 2014

“It gives me great pleasure in sharing my story with you. Since the first week of November 2010, I started experiencing pains in the elbow area of my right arm. The pains continued through November, but I ignored them, in the hope that they would soon disappear. However, by the beginning of December, the pain was excruciating and I was in tears. I could not sleep at night, could not even pick up light weight articles, could not write properly, could not stir a pot and even combing my hair became a painful experience. This prompted me to visit my doctor and I was diagnosed as having a TENNIS ELBOW. I went through two courses of antibiotics in two weeks, physiotherapy as well as acupuncture on my arm. Unfortunately, I felt very little relief. I was then sent to a specialist who fits prosthetics, and I was given an elbow sleeve and an elbow brace. Both of these were extremely uncomfortable and after using the brace for a week and the sleeve for a week and a half, once again very little relief was experienced. From the 3rd to the 7th of January 2011, I was on holiday with my family at Cayley Lodge in the Berg. When I visited the Thokozisa Centre on my second day at the Berg, the gentleman from ‘Living Art Gems’ introduced me to Mojo Magic Cream (after taking one look at my arm in the elbow sleeve). He explained the amazing properties of the cream and I was most enthusiastic to give it a try, considering the pain and discomfort that I was experiencing. Believe me, within a week of using Mojo Magic cream (3 – 4 times a day), the elbow sleeve came off and the pain began to subside. Before I could leave the Berg that week, I purchased another tub of the cream . The results thus far have been unbelievable . The cream has really worked magic for me, as nobody besides myself knows the amount of pain that I experienced. I experience slight pain now and then, and still continue to use my Mojo Magic. I am now able to perform my normal duties, thanks to Mojo Magic cream. I have recommended the cream to many other teachers on my staff and they too are experiencing relief. Josie, I cannot thank you enough for the development of Mojo Magic Cream and more so, for sharing it with others as well. My sincere appreciation and good wishes go out to you. I will always consider Mojo Magic Cream to be my miracle cream! God bless!”
Anusha Rajpaul

Pietermaritzburg, July 2014

“I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your tubs of miracle cream are. My daughter struggles with a bit of an eczema like problem on small portions of her skin. But they can become so fiery and irritated so quickly and then it takes forever to get rid of it. I bought a tub of your cream from Spiral Blue in the Midlands KZN and my daughter’s skin was particularly rough and irritated and scabby (for lack of a better description) ONE application and I swear I was looking at different skin. In all the years, with all the cortisone and potions we have tried, I have never seen something work that quickly. There was no fire on her skin. She was dramatically less itchy and no flaky, scabbed-over bits. I couldn’t believe it. Thank you for an amazing product. I will be sending my folks to Spiral Blue for me when my stock runs low (unless you have somewhere in Joburg I can go get a tub myself)”

Iona Devine

Johannesburg, April 2018

“As long as I can remember I have had problems with my feet peeling and the heels cracking and looking absolutely awful. I have tried just about every foot remedy on the market and they all work for a while but then the problem starts up again. Since I have started using the Mojo Magic cream on my feet they look brand new and I no longer feel like hiding them all the time. My heels don’t crack anymore and the blisters and peeling are all gone. They have been like this now for more than a month so I am convinced that the problem is solved!! Thanks Josie for your time and effort in creating this great product! One more thing – the cream is absorbed completely so doesn’t leave a slippery layer on your feet causing your feet to slip around in your shoes! I use the cream on my face too and I’m really happy with the results.”
Coral Snyman

Pretoria, July 2014

“I have been using Mojo Magic now for about 6 weeks (I bought 2 tubs of the Cream) as I have always had “reactive” and sensitive skin. I have also always struggled with my heels cracking terribly, so I am always looking for products to assist me with alleviating this problem. What I have found with using Mojo Magic Cream is that the areas I have concentrated on which were really dry and very itchy areas (eczema) on my legs and arms, have improved dramatically, and my heels are also so much better. We have used it on our daughter to alleviate sunburn and skin irritations with insect bites very successfully. Our Scottish Terrier, Bonnie Belle has a very itchy skin and drags herself down the tarred driveway to scratch herself which leaves her belly full of bumps and abrasions. We have used Mojo Magic on her skin when she is very itchy and it sorts it out overnight. What I love about this product is that it is totally natural, no petroleum jelly and it smells so good. Only natural products with natural ingredients are definitely a better choice for my type of skin. It is also a wonderful cream for massaging! Thank you Jo for developing such an awesome product!”
Donovan Hean

Registered Craniosacral Therapist Durban (Product review from 'The Big Green Directory'), July 2014

“I am a qualified massage therapist and use your totally amazing cream (Mojo Magic) to massage my clients’ feet with, and find your product worth its weight in gold. There is no greasiness left behind after foot massage, and it has just the right amount of slip which a therapist would look for. Your cream leaves my clients’ feet feeling silky and just wonderful. I don’t think I could ever massage feet again without this product close to hand. Thank you Josie – I love your product :-)”
Greg Leppan

Gauteng, July 2014

“As the owner of Jenny’s Health & Gift Shoppe, as well as a Health Restaurant, Beauty Salon & Hairdresser, for approximately 30 years, I had access to some of the best, most highly-acclaimed world-class treatments & creams. Most of our products were especially imported for use in the Salons, but only now have I come across the locally-produced Mojo Magic Cream, and feel that this one should have its place up there amongst the best. A remarkable product, it is beautifully textured, light and non-greasy, but above all, gives almost instantaneous results, particularly as a wrinkle treatment. It is also a treatment for many other problems such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis & rashes. The price is amazingly affordable and it is definitely what it claims to be – a product that gives miraculous results.”
Jennifer Wiercx

Hillcrest, July 2014

“I purchased 2 tubs of Mojo Magic Lip Balm and I love it. It has also now become my favourite – it is really moisturising and hydrating. Mojo Magic is the best ever and I can never go without it for even a day. It just works wonders for me, since it cured my tennis elbow about 4 years ago. Thank you for these amazing products.”
Anusha Rajpaul

Pietermaritzburg, September 2014

“I know I may sound as if I am ‘preaching to the converted’, but this cream is amazing!! Not only is it a lovely moisturizer, that does indeed keep my skin beautifully moisturized, and not feeling oily or ‘claustrophobic’, but it does most certainly have amazing healing qualities: my little 3 year old niece had what looked like a minor eczema behind her ear, and I applied some cream in the morning, and when I went to apply more that evening after her bath, it was already showing a huge improvement, and by next application the following morning, had all but disappeared already! So when she showed signs of a little urine burn (from hastily jumping off the loo and not wiping properly), we decided to try more Mojo Magic! And that too, worked amazingly well there!!”
Irene Konstandakellis

Pietermaritzburg, July 2014

“Your Mojo Magic Cream is brilliant for sunburn – believe me!!”
Maggie Joubert

Hillcrest, July 2014

“In November 2009, my battle began; my leg became infected. Because it looked so bad, I started wearing long pants & skirts. I went to the Pharmacy & they suggested Dettol or Savlon cream, & that I should go & see a GP. I went to the GP who took blood & gave me a script for Bactroban, which I applied, but the wound didn’t get any better. When I went back to the GP, I was referred to a Dermatologist who gave me Schedule 4 ointments & creams to apply; the cream in the morning & the ointment in the evening, as well as antibiotics. The Dermatologist said: “You’ll see a big improvement in 2 weeks and it may even have healed properly”. Well, after 2 weeks, the treated area seemed to have improved a bit, but the infection just spread to another area. When I went back, my antibiotic dose was increased to taking it morning & evening. I was really fed-up after spending thousands of Rands on doctors, specialists, plasters, & medication, & still no improvement. I have tried almost everything on the market, from bedsore plasters to dead sea salts. &was amazed at how easily it was absorbed. I’ve been using it for 4 months now & I’m extremely impressed with the results. Thanks for an absolutely amazing product!!”

Fourways, Jhb, July 2014

“My step daughter has been using Mojo Magic Cream and it COMPLETELY cleared her face of pimples. My teenage daughter is now seriously in need of some!”
Heather Cook

Hillcrest, July 2014

“I bought some of your cream last year August when I was on holiday with my family in the Drakensburg. It saved my life during my pregnancy. I had such bad cramps in my legs, and the Mojo Magic Cream was the only thing that took my cramps away!”
Vicki Schlimper

East London, July 2014

“I initially started using the cream to treat skin irritation after shaving (shaving rash). Aside from having an immediate cooling/soothing effect, I notice now after longer use that my skin no longer reacts after shaving (as if the tissue/skin/hair follicles themselves are being regenerated) – now even if I don’t put the cream on after shaving there is no red irritated skin… even the following day. Though who would not want to? I’ve also used the cream for dry cracked heals – which sorted the problem unbelievably quickly! After about 2 weeks of applying the cream (usually only in the evening) the deep cracks in the heel were completely gone! I was shocked! With repeated use I’ve since found your product to be a great moisturizer for face and body, found it to bring relief to sore muscles (especially for that deep pain that’s hard to get to), and great for any skin blemishes (pimples, bumps, marks, bruises etc.) Thanks for creating such an awesome product!!”
Graham Hunt

Kloof, July 2014

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