With MSM and Baobab Oil. Mojo Magic is a pure natural cream, suitable for all ages & types of skin. Healing moisturizer that balances, tones & soothes your whole body.

~ Hydrates and moisturizes your skin
~ Softens texture without an oily residue
~ Restructures and improves elasticity
~ Repairs and encourages regeneration
~ Stimulates collagen synthesis
~ Keeps collagen protein fibres flexible
~ Quick absorption, softens texture, instead of clogging the pores
~ Contains Vitamin A, D, E & F, with 100% pure essential oils

FREE of harmful chemicals such as sulfates (SLS/SLES), parabens, formaldehyde, paraffin & other petrochemicals. Cream base made with Beeswax instead of Petrochemicals

100% Pure Essential & Seed Oils + Chamomile Infusion

• Eczema • Psoriasis • Acne • Burns • Sunburn • Cuts • Scars • Bruises • Insect bites & stings • Muscular and Joint aches and Pains • Cramps • Wounds • Nappy rash • Rashes • Shingles • Scabies • Dry itchy skin • Tendinitis • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Torn ligaments • Tennis elbow • Cracked heels • Allergies • Rheumatism • Arthritis • Gout • Anti-ageing

“I never write reviews but this time I had to. I am so amazed by this MAGIC cream. My boyfriend struggles with really bad eczema, that actually gets worse with anxiety. During this pandemic his skin has been the worst I have ever seen it with huge raised red, burning and itchy patches that he constantly scratches. We tried all the cream options out there, natural and chemical, and NOTHING worked like Mojo Magic cream. We swear by it and will use it for as long as it is around. Thank you for making this product.”

Jade Howell
Cape Town, August 2020

“I asked Mau to tell you this but I think he forgot to – but I wanted to tell you that we have been using Mojo Magic Cream on Tzephyra’s skin from about when she was 1 month old. We have used it for her mild cradle cap. We have used it for her first eina – a tiny hook from a bramble berry thorn while on a walk through the bush. We also have been using it on her mozzie bites. I feel like it helps with the itch and the irritation. There is a visible difference in terms of where we apply the cream on bites etc and where we dont. It’s worked out so well for her that I have been recommending it as a baby bum cream as well to other friends of mine with little ones. Anyway I just thought I’d let you know that.”

Candice Austin
Richards Bay, February 2018

“I LOVE your cream!!! I have had problem skin (extremely sensitive and red) and I have been using your cream on my face (and all over really) for a month now and my skin is amazing. The red has gone and it feels really good, smooth and soft. I could probably write a full page on how much I love your cream. I have extremely sensitive skin, I react to everything, can only use certain shampoo and soap and even then, after a while I react to it so have to find something new. Your cream seems to keep these reactions at bay and I am so much happier. And even my partner comments on how soft my skin is when he touches me 🙂 Thank you so much, your cream really has done wonders for my skin!!”

Primula House, La Lucia, 2014

“I purchased 2 tubs of Mojo Magic Lip Balm and I love it. It has also now become my favourite – it is really moisturising and hydrating. Mojo Magic is the best ever and I can never go without it for even a day. It just works wonders for me, since it cured my tennis elbow about 4 years ago. Thank you for these amazing products.”

Anusha Rajpaul
Pietermaritzburg, September 2014

“I have to tell you that your awesome Lipbalm was my saving grace this winter. I swear nothing else worked on my dry, chapped, salt and humidity loving lips other than your stellar lipbalm. I couldnt do anything without coating my lips in a thick layer of it. Your balm was the only one that made any kind of difference. From the moment I put it on – I swear I could feel it penetrating the dry chapped skin, I even started rubbing it on my cheeks and nose which were also going super dry. What an awesome product you have there!”

Candice Austen
Richards Bay, July 2014

“If it wasn’t for Mojo Magic, I would not have got through this Shingles attack! I knew it was a good cream, but I now would refer to it as an essential cream for all households. It’s my ‘go to’ for burns, blisters, grazes and insect bites, and obviously my face, which cries out for lavish amounts, leaving no oily residue, which most other creams seem to do”

Plettenberg Bay, 2024

“My step daughter has been using Mojo Magic Cream and it COMPLETELY cleared her face of pimples. My teenage daughter is now seriously in need of some!”

Heather Cook
Hillcrest, July 2014

“I bought some of your cream last year August when I was on holiday with my family in the Drakensburg. It saved my life during my pregnancy. I had such bad cramps in my legs, and the Mojo Magic Cream was the only thing that took my cramps away!”

Vicki Schlimper
East London, 2013

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All in One Natural Skincare for Your Whole Body

All in One Natural Skincare for Your Whole Body

With a lot of love and intention, I came up with the perfect recipe for Mojo Magic. The goal was to create a single, chemical-free product which can be used on your entire body, for a variety of skin conditions. The results speak for themselves, and it makes me so incredibly happy to see the amazing impact that this product has had on people’s lives.

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Mojo Magic – Natural Skincare Products for Eczema

Mojo Magic – Natural Skincare Products for Eczema

I my previous article, I took a brief look into some of the ingredients in Mojo Magic’s natural skincare products and how they can be hugely beneficial to those who have eczema.
In this article, I will take a look at the rest of the ingredients in my products, which will explain why I chose them for this special formulation, and why Mojo Magic products have been so successful in treating eczema.

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